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1 remove offensive capability from [syn: demilitarize, demilitarise] [ant: arm]
2 make less hostile; win over; "Her charm disarmed the prosecution lawyer completely"
3 take away the weapons from; render harmless [syn: unarm]

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  1. To deprive of arms; to take away the weapons of; to deprive of the means of attack or defense; to render defenseless.
  2. To deprive of the means or the disposition to harm; to render harmless or innocuous; as, to disarm a man's wrath.


To deprive of arms
To deprive of the means or the disposition to harm
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"Disarm" is a song by The Smashing Pumpkins. It was the third single and their sixth track from their second album, Siamese Dream. "Disarm" was written by Billy Corgan and is one of the band’s most highly regarded songs. Corgan considers it the most personally important song on Siamese Dream.


The BBC banned the song from appearing on Top of the Pops, because of the lyric "cut that little child", and it received little radio airplay in the United Kingdom. That lyric along with lyrics like "what I choose is my choice" and "the killer in me is the killer in you" has also led to some controversy, as some read it as implying that abortion is murder. Corgan, however, has clearly asserted that the song is about the shaky relationship he had with his parents while growing up. However, even with the ban and the limited radio time, it still peaked at #11 on the UK Singles Chart due to strong sales.
While the Pumpkins often produced softer, acoustic versions of many of their louder, more aggressive songs, the band performed a heavy, electric version of "Disarm" on a British television appearance, as featured on Vieuphoria, and also on live U.S. TV at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards. The electric version changes the tone of the song from that of a ballad to a more angst-driven rock song.
Two different versions of the single were produced. Each version (Heart and Smile) featured different artwork and different B-sides.
The music video, directed by Jake Scott, is black and white and shows the members of the band floating over images of a house, an old man walking through an underpass while home movie-esque, color footage shows a young boy playing outside. Billy Corgan has said that he didn't want the old man in the video, but Scott insisted. The video premiered on MTV in late 1993 and was immediately placed into heavy rotation. In 1994, it was nominated for Best Alternative Video and Best Editing at the MTV Video Music Awards, the Pumpkins' first MTV Awards nominations.
The b-side to the Heart version, "Dancing in the Moonlight", also became popular, charting at number 90 on the Triple J Hottest 100 in 1994, while "Disarm" did not chart.
The UK 7" purple vinyl single features an exclusive b-side "Siamese Dream" which does not appear on any other physical release. In 2005, the track was released as a digital download as part of the Rarities and B-sides compilation.
"Disarm" was later featured in The Shield episode "Of Mice and Lem".

Track listing

UK 7" vinyl single (7243 8 92309 7 0, HUT 43)
  1. "Disarm" (Corgan) – 3:17
  2. "Siamese Dream" (Corgan) – 2:38
UK CD single 1
  1. "Disarm" – 3:17
  2. "Soothe" (Corgan)-2:35
  3. "Blew Away" (Iha) – 3:31
UK CD single 2
  1. "Disarm" – 3:17
  2. "Landslide" (Nicks) – 3:10
  3. "Dancing in the Moonlight" (Thin Lizzy) – 4:21


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